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Patent US4382547 - Railroad tie plate and correctable shim 10 May 1983 The instant base plate, trapezoidal shim, rail and railroad tie are all fastened via a set of screws which are angled or toed-in uneven shim to provide for easy repair of the rails possessing a predetermined cant, and provide a cushioned or "floating" rail. In situations where the track is curved, it has been found necessary to provide a shim intermediate the base plate and the rail road tie.

Patent US8844786 - Cross-tie pre-plate apparatus - Google Patents 30 Sep 2014 A railroad cross-tie pre-plating apparatus for fastening at least two tie-plates to a cross-tie may include a cross-tie conveyor comprising Patent Drawing . In repairing track, it is often necessary to set each plate separately as the rail is laid into it. .. US3701320, Feb 12, 1971, Oct 31, 1972, Morrison Knudsen Co, Method and apparatus for laying railroad ties on a prepared road surface.

Patent US6343748 - Concrete railroad tie insulator spacer and 5 Feb 2002 A system for securing a rail to a concrete railroad tie employing an improved insulator spacer that improves the Patent Citations (7), Non-Patent Citations (1), Referenced by (16), Classifications (10), Legal Events (5) .. and money to inspect the insulator spacers 14 for wear and to remove and replace worn insulator spacers 14. . plastic such as a Formicamaterial, which is available from the Formica Corporation, 10155 Reading road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45241.

Patent US8583313 - Robotic vehicle for performing rail-related 12 Nov 2013 A robotic vehicle configured for autonomous or semi-autonomous operation in a rail environment is provided. make minor repairs to railway tie spikes or other track-related infrastructure, etc. 30 can be configured to perform inspections of road-based vehicles, water-based vehicles, explosive ordinance 

Aurora3-D Railroad Tie Inspection - Georgetown Rail It pinpoints any potential problems and marks their exact location so you can plan ahead to repair them in the most efficient way possible. Aurora finds flaws manual detection methods may miss, and it does it while traveling down your tracks at 

Railroad Products and Services Brochure PDF - Koppers 1 Feb 2013 KSA ties mean reduced track maintenance, improved track surface, increased rail life and reduced locomotive fuel cost. Advanced patented borate tie treatment. Koppers Dual-Treated ties employ both borates and Koppers Creosote Petroleum Solution. Utilizing the . Weld-MateWeld Repair Joint Bars.

Rail Joints & Track Components Koppers Ideal in applications for almost any rail size around the world, ComPlyinsulated joints come in kits ready with all components Ideal for new applications and for field repair of existing bonded insulated rail joints where bond failure has occurred and where CENTER LINERInsulated Bonded Joints (Patented) For more information or quotes on any Koppers Rail Joints or Track Components, please call one of our account representatives at 1-888-KOP-ties (1-888-567-8437).

RAIL SEPARATION - L.B. Foster Rail Technologies The patent-pending design easily installs in minutes, allowing trains to keep their schedule until a repair crew can arrive. The Rail Capcan be installed directly over a tie or between ties at welded joints, rail joints or anywhere separation 

A Glossary of 19th Century Railroad Terms - The Transcontinental The process was patented by Henry Bessemer in 1855. brakeman, A person who operates, inspects, or repairs brakes, especially a railroad employee who assists the conductor and checks on the culvert, A drain or water-way of masonry beneath a railroad track, a road, or a canal. derailment, The condition of a locomotive or railway car in respect of being off the rails. . A large drill powered by steam, used to drive railroad spikes into the ground to hold the railroad ties down.

How to replace railway ties without pulling up the rails The Kid 7 Nov 2015 Smart videos for curious minds of all ages, a free resource for parents & teachers: Science, art, nature, animals, space, tech, DIY, food, music, animation, and more.

Harsco Rail Harsco Rail is a global supplier for railway track maintenance and construction. With a Delivering innovation and performance, Harsco Rail meets the demands of the track every day. Congratulations to all of our Patent Winners this year!

Railroad Products and Services Koppers Koppers has been serving the railroad industry with treated wood railroad ties and railroad crossing panel products for more than 25 years. In North America, we are the largest provider of railroad crossties for the Class I Railroads and are 

Patent US5181657 - Composite rubber/concrete railroad grade 26 Jan 1993 The elastomeric pad units rest on the ties that carry the rails and have planar top surfaces that are coplanar with the tops of the rails. are quite expensive and, accordingly, it is not economically feasible to use this type of crossing for roads which are infrequently traveled. In these to install and to remove than a full elastomeric system and thus facilitates repairs to the track and rail bed.

Patent US3576293 - Direct fixation rail fastener apparatus - Google 27 Apr 1971 In the past, all rails in the United States have either been mounted on wood or concrete ties on ballast, or on wood ties embedded The problems of replacing an article previously embedded in concrete are quite well known.

Patent US20140033755 - Geothermal Rail Cooling and Heating 6 Feb 2014 A Geothermal Rail Cooling and Heating System is a reversible system process that accelerates heat transfer FHWA-RD-99-158 July 1999. [0006] . Rail anchors and elastic fasteners transmit thermal forces to the railroad ties. .. It is also important for individual of ordinary skill to realize that the objective of this invention is to enhance the existing railroad practice, but not to replace it.

Patent US7616329 - System and method for inspecting railroad 10 Nov 2009 Patent Drawing (e) determining whether the tie plate is misaligned or sunken based upon the comparison. A method for inspecting railroad track bed, the railroad track bed including crossties, rails, associated fastening hardware, .. Annually, railroads in North America replace up to 2% or more of all wooden crossties. . For example, the disclosed inspection system and method can be used to inspect roads, electrical lines, piping, or other networks or systems.

Concrete sleeper - Wikipedia A concrete sleeper is a type of railway sleeper made out of steel reinforced concrete. Concrete sleepers. Concrete sleepers were used for the Monier designed a sleeper and obtained a patent for it, but it was not successful. Concrete Heavier rail sections and long welded rails were also being installed, requiring higher-quality sleepers. They were also noisy and lacked the elasticity of wooden sleepers creating a very rigid road. Damaged concrete sleepers cannot be repaired.

Fishplate - Wikipedia In rail terminology, a fishplate, splice bar or joint bar is a metal bar that is bolted to the ends of two rails to join them together in a track. The name The first railway fishplate, patented by William Adams and Robert Richardson in 1847 improving agency expertise in bolted track joints, clarification and reinforcement of regulations for defect detection and repair, and identification of Rail lengths · Tie plate 

Rail Products News - LB Foster Rail Products L.B. Foster's Global Rail Business R&D department recently published a study about insulated rail joint research titled Influence . including conflict minerals; an increase in manufacturing or material costs; the ultimate number of concrete ties that will have to The Tracksure range of specialist rail fasteners are based on a uniqu

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